A short guide for Airbnb guests to make the most of their stays


So you are planning to book an Airbnb accommodation during your coming vacation? While traditional option of booking a hotel and staying there is still the first choice for most travelers. Using official Airbnb coupon code and reserving an accommodation can give you the opportunity to stay in an actual home or apartment and enjoy a stay that is as close to home as possible – even when you are out on vacation. Before you jump in to be a first-time guest in such an accommodation, here is a short guide to help you know how to make the most of your stays.

Research, research, research

It is important to do this before the trip. Go through the reviews given on Airbnb. Generally, these can be spotted quite easily. Also ensure that you exactly know what you are planning to get into. In case you will be staying at this type of an accommodation, you have to decide which type you will be more comfortable with – whether staying with your group in a busy area of your city or living with your host.

Find working Airbnb coupon code

Keep in mind that Airbnb offers coupon codes from time to time to help travelers avail attractive discounts from the company and save even more on your rental expenses. Check whether you can get a Airbnb coupon code and use it for the location that you are interested in. Please keep in mind that this is not the only type of discount available on Airbnb. Many hosts offer encouraging discounts for longer reservations. So if you plan a 1-week or 2-weeks holidays and additionally you use Airbnb coupon code you can save big.

Airbnb coupon code
Sure, you can pay full price for your reservation, but you can also use official Airbnb coupon code and pay less

Communicate with your Airbnb host

You should find out what type of a person your host is. Get in touch with him, and strike a relationship. Text or email him before making a reservation. Just as you might have inhibitions about the host, he / she could be having misgivings about you. At the end of the day, we are all humans with the same feelings and emotions. It is better to talk ahead of time and find out more about each other. You can find out about the amenities that are there in the rental space, such as laundry room, microwave, coffee maker, AC, washer / dryer etc. These might seem like small things but could make a very big difference to your quality of stay.

Know what to take/pack along

You have to make some research about this, and talk to the host to know which things will not be required during your stay. For example, if there is a kitchen that you could use, you need to take a heater along. Also, if you will be provided with all the toiletries such as toilet paper, soaps, conditioner and shampoo, you would not have to buy those stuffs and take them along needlessly and add weight to your luggage. However, there are a few items that you should be smart enough – such as your own toothbrushes / razor, a door stop (that can jam the front door close if the latch is missing!!!) a pair of ear plugs etc.

Greet your host warmly (if possible)

Once you arrive, greet your host very warmly. Keep in mind, you will be his / her guest in the rental property / home for a few days. If the host is not physically present, you can send a message to inform him about your arrival.

Investigate the place

Check whether the place actually looks like the photos posted alongside the Airbnb listing or appears to be different. Find out whether there are any deal breakers such as stray dogs, bed bugs, flush not working, soiled bed-sheets etc. Check whether there are damaged locks on windows / doors, power outages, internet outages. In such cases, it is better to run from the place and inform the Airbnb team. You can claim back your money, post a really bad review and save the hassles for the next traveler who comes in.

Have a Plan B

It is essential that you have one, so that you can opt for that option in case the accommodation that you have reserved, or its host, turns out to be really bad. You may just catch a cab and go for the other option to stay in. However, that is only a remote possibility – given that every night there are an approximated 500,000 stays at Airbnb accommodations every year. You can be assured that things will go seamlessly in your case as well.

Airbnb French Polynesia
There are many wonderful places and French Polynesia is one of them – a beach house must be awesome!

Ask questions

Unless your host seems to be a very quiet or repulsive person, try to keep communication up during your stay. Do not hesitate to ask a few questions – such as about the area, the locals, the places of interest, the best dining places etc. If your host is friendly, you can strike a great relationship with him. It can be amazing when that happens.

Keep safe

It never hurts to be on the safe side. Always keep the keys on your person, preferably in your wallet, a zipped travel pouch etc wherefrom they will not fall out or get lost. The last thing you should do is wake your host up from sleep because you lost your keys. Keep your travel bags locked when you go out. Keep your bags and suitcase with locks on when you leave an Airbnb accommodation, so that there is no peeking into your personal diary / travel journal, belongings, purse etc while you are out.

Clean up the mess

Before you leave, clean up all the mess. Even if you paid a cleaning fee, it will not hurt to be decent. At least collect the snack bags and your beer cans to toss them to a trash outside, and make the space look as clean as possible. Be respectful and decent. A good review from the host will help you get your next Airbnb accommodation in some other location more easily.

Leave an honest review to help the others

Leave a quick review on Airbnb. Do not hesitate to write bad things if the experience was really bad. If it was good, do not hold back on your praises. Assist the next traveler.

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