Why should I use link shortening tool called jotURL?

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Today’s business world comprises of a stringent competition, where every other business stands up with new strategic marketing techniques. Out of 10, 8 of the businesses keep on researching for the new tools using what they could target their desired demographics and upgrade their marketing standards. While there is one good suggestion that could even better the marketing techniques and along with that cut down the costs. Well, this is the JotURL, a link shortening tool, which not only shortens the links but even offers plenty of other robust marketing techniques.

What business could need to strategically market its products? CTA, tracking conversions, link deepening, link branding, running the marketing technique again and a lot more. While including these, there are plenty of other features available in the JotURL. Just as simple as that, the JotURL rebrands the link in a way that it turns up with a self-optimizing identity. And in the result, the leads increase. This is how the Click-Through Rate (CTR) increases. Compare it with the rest of the link shortening tools, and the outcome would itself justify how well the jotURL could do. Besides the savvy branded links, there comes the QR codes and numerous other techniques. It is certainly a complete marketing package with everything needed.

Emphasizing ROI

Classifying it as the best solution might suffice with its qualities, but calling it a professional tool would certainly highlight its strengths. Mating the CTA would drive the desired methods to generate potential leads. And once forwarded for the conversion, the progress could be tracked, leading to identify potential marketing techniques. Additionally, why recreate new links again and again when the previously created links have done well. Thanks to the JotURL that enables remarketing the branded links that have earned much in the past. Was it ever thought that a link shortening tool could do this much?

What next it brings in? Indeed it is a complete marketing tool instead of just a so-called link shortening program. Further, planning about using a variety of optimization techniques to see which one would do better. Then simply go for the JotURL as could come handy with its A/B testing feature. In the same way, reach out to the point which worked the best in converting a lead. And just make it function once again. Along with that, route different messages to the returning customers and maintain the campaign within a time frame without even worrying about it exceeding the limits. Ahead of that, there are numerous other features included. And every day it is helping dozens of marketers to develop their marketing technique and enhance their conversion rate. Certainly, it is a solution with up to 8 different marketing solutions needed by the businesses today.

Well, expecting a hefty price for the jotURL? Then just simply dismiss that thought, as it would not even cost more than a few bucks. In a way, it is a simple, easy, robust, scalable and at the same time an inexpensive marketing solution available.

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  1. Everyone know what bitly is, but I’m not a huge fan of bitly. Free account has it’s limitations and all good popular slugs are already taken. This is why I moved to jotURL, which is feature rich.

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