A short guide for Airbnb guests to make the most of their stays

So you are planning to book an Airbnb accommodation during your coming vacation? While traditional option of booking a hotel and staying there is still the first choice for most travelers. Using official Airbnb coupon code and reserving an accommodation can give you the opportunity to stay in an actual home or apartment and enjoy […]

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What makes ShortPixel a top image optimization WordPress plugin?

ShortPixel is a plugin developed by Simon Dudu for improving the performance of websites by reducing the sizes of pictures uploaded on websites. The plugin makes use of the Compression technology. Generally, pictures – irrespective of how they are created – whether through mobile phones, design apps, camera or in any other way, are not […]

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Why should I use link shortening tool called jotURL?

Today’s business world comprises of a stringent competition, where every other business stands up with new strategic marketing techniques. Out of 10, 8 of the businesses keep on researching for the new tools using what they could target their desired demographics and upgrade their marketing standards. While there is one good suggestion that could even […]

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