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Best tools used for website visitors recording


User or visitor recording is a marketing tool used for recording everything a user does. That means that anything a user sees can also be seen by those who use the tool. That means that it provides a wild range of possibilities and information useful for companies. This information is further used for making the website better and easier to use and above all, it can make it individually customized for every user, or for the needs of the majority.

It gives companies opportunity to see through users’ eyes and catch sight of what they miss, what gives them troubles and what attracts them. It is very valuable if there are changes, because companies can quickly see the result of those changes, whether users are interested or not, do they like it and etc.

Some of the software that have the same option of recording users, are:


Users of this software usually complain about, starting from the beginning, overly complicated installation.

There is also a video quality issue. As it is a problem to many software, when you want to see scrolling feature, there is a major video quality issue, which makes a big deal because users of this software want to know how the user is scrolling through page, so they can provide more efficient information on what interests or does not interest users of their website. You also have an option to turn off the scrolling.

A good thing about this software is its affordability, it has a free version, and when it’s not, it costs 0.05 dollars per 100 reweaves. A really easy and neat dashboard makes easy to see the statistics, and no complains about the interface.


Even though it has a free version, first of cons of this site is its price – 0.80 dollars per 100 users.

It has a nice interface with reachable information, with a dashboard that has more visuals to help you understand your data. It can make understanding of a software easier and faster.

Besides the price there is a bigger problem that can drag customers off, and that is that this software only offers session replay. So you will probably lack on information.


Installation is easy and quick. The price makes a problem. There is a free version, but if not, it costs 0.40 dollars per 100 users.

The complains are high on video quality. The video often lags, and it goes to the point where you cannot even see person’s scrolling, the software just keeps jumping right where user stops scrolling, so, yes, you cannot even see scrolling.

The user interface is very good. It is very organized and neat, it shows users’ devices, pages or referral sources. The dashboard also provides you with other useful information such as returning users or average pages per visit.


There is a free version, but if you pay you will only need to put aside 0.05 dollars per 100 users.

Installation is so easy that it only requires copying and pasting a code.
Video quality is good, it is easy to follow because Smartlook uses highlighting and cursor tracking. The only possible complain could be on scrolling.

Nice and simple interface has a lot of details. The dashboard and the recordings list are on the same page, which can make it simple to track the needed data.

An important feature is skipping users’ inactivity that can save a lot of needles spent time.
This is an often recommendation by the users of such software.


It has a free version, but the price is 1.45 dollars by 100 users, kind of pricey, but it is worth it.
The installation is easy, and it also gives you the possibility to have a walk-through everything you’ll need on Hotjar.

Video quality is, as users of this software can agree, very good. The cursor is moving smoothly, yet, as other software like this, it has a problem with scrolling in “skip inactivity” mode on. Yet there is no major problems such as not seeing scrolling.

The interface is easy to use, and there is a simple menu on the side that can make you find all the tools you might need easily.

Not only you can see all the pages a user visits in one video, you can also load the next page, and it saves a lot of time.

Also Hotjar can answer any question you like quickly. It is highly recommended by many users. This is definitely my favorite tool that records website visitors.

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