Launching email marketing campaigns with sophisticated software

Internet Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful strategy that helps to build brand awareness in the markets thereby giving ways for accomplishing goals in online business. It plays an important role in reaching new customers as soon as possible which give ways for ensuring optimal results. Another thing is that it is a suitable one for all sizes of businesses allowing them to reach the next levels. There are several things to consider before launching the email marketing campaigns for creating impacts on potential customers.

Businesses willing to make their email marketing campaigns a successful one should focus more on utilizing certain software applications for achieving the best results. Moreover, they can even target their audience with them based on the choices to gain more advantages. It is necessary to choose right type of software that comes with a variety of features which ultimately give ways for reaching the next levels.

Sendy software platform for email marketing

Sendy is one of the best email marketing software products currently available in the markets allowing businesses to create a campaign with unique features. In fact, it is possible to host the same in own servers as well as Amazon SES while sending the emails to customers. Amazon SES is a great way to block spam emails during the promotional activities. It is extremely an inexpensive one enabling the business firm to save more money. Some of the features offered by Sendy include:
• Multiple brand marketing
• Reports on campaigns
• Autoresponders
• Allows clients to subscribe to an email after accessing it
• Enables businesses to design newsletters with awesome ideas
• Handles automatic bounces, complaints, and unsubscribes with real-time approaches
• Client login access
• User-friendly
On the other hand, the software requires a lot of skills for the installation process and a business firm should hire support from a service provider or others.

What is the alternative to Sendy software?

Even though the Sendy software is a cheaper one, some may face difficulties in using the application which lead to several problems. There are some alternatives available for the businesses enabling them to select a right one based on the choices.

MailChimp software can replace the Sendy software because it comes with all standard features for email marketing purposes. Sendy enables businesses to send emails to more subscribers at cheaper prices that can help to save money. At the same time, the subscription rates are high in MailChimp software.

In MailChimp software, designers can create a new design for email marketing with drag and drop interface that can help to produce better impressions on the viewers.

Since Sendy is a self-hosting one, it is necessary to pay for the hosting services for connecting the same to the internet. At the same time, MailChimp is a simple one to install with 24/7 customer support.

Split testing in MailChimp allows a business to get different set of ideas for an email marketing which is not covered in Sendy software. It is advisable to compare the features of both software applications for investing money depending on the needs.

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