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Business schools do not have a specialty or a branch of study under the name of a social media manager, just as there are branches of project management, knowledge management, or human resources management. What is the reason? There is no reason why there is no wonder that the consumer life of social media is not long, almost ten years or less at the expense of the age of Facebook.

Since the control of social media is not in the hands of the business sector but in the hands of technology pioneers across the web, the business sector comes for the first time, as if it were the consumer of this technology. This requires those who deal with management such as social accounts management to be a knight of the ninja: a mix of creative Michael Angelo, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs tech world.

Important Social Media software for you

You can now control the social networking pages without the help of someone else, in a freeway which means it will not cost you any money.

With some social networking tools that will make it easier for you to manage more than one page on different Platforms; you will also find the right posting times for you. Not only that, but you can easily track your competitors in social networking sites and follow up on the latest and most recent news. So, what do you think of an article follow-up that will help you choose the right tool for your business for your marketing success?

But once you’ve set up your ads, we may have problems managing a number of pages on social media sites because of requests and queries. If you’re a beginner in Social Media or have a new project, this article is right for you.


You can control more than one page in social networking sites, control publishing dates, and report your page statistics, which are very important tools in Social Media. You’ll also find them available on mobile devices and tablets and you can use them with device computer browsers.


You can add as many columns as you like, like adding your own homepage, adding competitors’ pages, adding messages, adding notifications, etc., and you can easily schedule your tweets. It is possible for some to notice that it is very similar to some other tools, but main purpose of this tool is dealing with Twitter accounts only.

Hashtags have become important way to reach targeted people in social networking sites, as well as to the success of a marketing plan.

This tool can easily track Hashtags in social networking sites, and also help you choose the best hashtag suitable for you. This tool gets 30 Hashtags, and it is advantageous that it will help you to get Hashtag among competitors and before them too.


At last, as recommended by majority of the users, PromoRepublic is one of the best tools in this field. It still has some issues with Instagram, but the rest of Social Media platforms work pretty well.

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  1. I tried several social media management tools and I find PromoRepublic very interesting. It is not all in one tool, but it will definitely help you create good looking content fast.

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