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Knowing more details about image optimization tools


An image provides ways for conveying messages to customers when they visit a website. The images should create impacts on people while carrying out promotional activities. Image optimization contributes more to improve the performance of a website in search engines thereby showing ways for enhancing the reputation to a large extent. It is necessary to know more about the importance of image optimization in internet marketing for implementing the same accordingly. Optimizing an image will result in many advantages thereby helping to get a prominent position in the online business.

At the same time, there are some tools available for image optimization purposes that can help to reduce the size of images with a variety of features. It is necessary to select a tool which exactly suits the budgets and needs of clients. The following tools are useful for optimizing an image with high accuracy which can help to get the desired outcomes in the SEO process.


ShortPixel is a popular image optimization tool which comes with a variety of features. It is a perfect choice for making images an effective one with optimality. Some of the notable features available in the tool include:
• Generates report with complete details
• Compatible with WP engine hosted websites
• Supports unlimited file sizes
• 24 hr support from developers
• 100 free credits
• Low monthly plans
• Bulk option for optimizing all the images
• Safer to test and use the plug-in
• Creates images with lossy and lossless options
• Optimizes all types of images


Kraken is another image optimization tool that helps to reduce the sizes with advanced features. It enables users to shrink the images up to 32 MB. Another thing is that it gives ways for optimizing already uploaded images and uploading images thereby showing methods for witnessing the desired outcomes. Apart from that, the tool works great for WordPress hosted blogs to gain more advantages.


Smush is an image optimization tool that ultimately helps to get better results in search engine page results that give ways for undergoing major changes. Some of the features offered by the tool include:
• Allows users to optimize any image in any directory
• Helps to process all types of files
• Enables users to smush attachments individually
• Lets users view advanced compression with statistics
• Compresses images with high speed


Imagify is one of the best optimization tools available for business and other purposes. The tool show ways for increasing user engagement, traffic, and conversion rates with high success rates. It allows users to optimize images in one click that can help to get high ranks in search engines.


EWWW is another tool meant for image optimization process enabling users to improve the speed of a website by compressing images efficiently. Besides that, it helps to optimize images with perfect pixels for ensuring high visibility.

Having a large image on a website will affect the performance levels of a website and tools will help to resolve the issues with the best results.

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