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Secure browsing through fast and cheap VPNs


Surfing the internet without a Virtual Private Network (VPN) could cause a lot of threats. There are plenty of worms, trackers and phishing channels all over the web. And in no time they could attack the computer, decrypting the files or stealing some important information. Well, it is a wastage of time to keep the files away in a separate computer or smartphone where there is no connectivity. Instead, a VPN would keep everything safe and protected.

Features of VPNs

Well, all the VPNs are not the same. Each of them has some distinctive feature which makes it separate than the rest. Like the NordVPN offers more than 5,200 fast servers, 60 countries on the log, and features the double encryption. Among all the other VPNs, the Nord offers the highest number of servers, and even works with the Netflix and torrents. Further, it is pretty user-friendly, works on almost every device and is available at a very cheap price. But the only catch is the discount that is not available for the shorter plans.

Best VPNs

There is another one we have here with a variety of server and professional customer support. It is the ExpressVPN available with a 3-months free trial, with up to support of 3 devices under a single license. Further, it includes more than 3,000 servers, 160 virtual locations, and more than 30,000 IP addresses.

If there is much to do with the torrents, then IPVanish is a fine choice. It offers a fast download speed making it easier to get the torrent content. Additionally, there are only 1,200 servers supported with access to 10 devices. While there is no demo available for this software.

The businesses even need to have the VPNs set up to keep their data safe. And a common survey concludes Hotspot Shield to be a highly used software in professional setups. It has a very high number of IP addresses with over 2,500 servers. But the Hotspot Shield does not support the torrents as well as the Peer-to-Peer. Even it does not provide any support for the OpenVPN and the transport protocol.

Ahead of that, Private Internet Access is a cost-cutting option available with plenty of handy features and an attractive appearance. Further, it supports the P2P, torrents and is available with a huge number of servers.

Well, if there is no cap on the budget, then the Perfect Privacy would be a fantastic option. This VPN has been tested to keep no log at all. Besides, there is even no limit on the number of devices and the bandwidth. In a way, it is an advanced type of a VPN, with dedicated servers, IP leak protection, DNS safety, ad and phishing blockers, and the IPv6 addresses. Considerably it is a fine option to go with. But evenly it is among the expensive software.

Certainly, the NordVPN is indeed a fantastic choice at a very low price. And the Perfect Privacy is a perfect VPN recommendable for the expert and elite users.

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  1. I find NordVPN the best VPN service available. There may be a faster VPN somewhere, but I haven’t found anything like it and I’ve been testing many popular services.

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