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Top SEO tools used for keyword rank tracking


When it comes to optimization of your Search Engine alongside marketing online, then you have to understand the role of keywords. You need to understand their common keywords used by users with respect to categories when they want to search for one thing or the other. Every single day, internet users would always search for product and services via a search engine like Google.

Google on their own side would love to deliver the best link for its users on the go. This is basically the reason why there is a need to ensure that your websites are connected to correct searches. The effectiveness of your website would be determined by how much keywords you have stuffed into it. Knowing the keywords used mostly by your potential customers would put your website at the forefront among other competitors when it comes to people searching.

For the purpose of this article, we would be sharing with you the recommended SEO tool that is best for your website in terms of keyword rank tracking. However, before we do that, carefully read below what you need to understand about Keyword Research.
• A detailed search for keywords helps you to know the most used words and phrases that would generate traffic for your websites.
• After this, you can now be putting down keywords
• But this cannot be enough as you might be wrong in your suggestions. This is why you need the help of additional tools for your keyword rankings. These tools are called SEO tools.

Top 3 SEO tools that are best for you
1. SE Ranking
2. AccuRanker
3. RankActive

Important features and benefits of SE Ranking

When it comes to developing the best-of-breed SEO software that gives services including standard SEO tools with some other specific features, then you can consider going for SE Ranking. SE Ranking is designed especially for websites owners, SEO professionals, and digital agencies.

Why SE Ranking?
1. SE Ranking gives data with 100% data. Through the help of specially designed robots that induces users’ behavior, SE Ranking is able to collect data across the precise location.
2. For every keyword, you get a lot of extra information. While you seek out to check out for rankings, you can also track SERP features, search for relative traffic forecast and volume.
3. For each keyword, you get up to 5 search engines and locations. SE Ranking offers 5 different search engines and locations for a single keyword. You might be weighing keywords with respect to different localities in a specific country, SE Ranking still provides the best.
4. With SE Ranking, you can track your Competitor. SE Ranking always make it possible to follow up 5 competitors in your field. You get your information about your competitors narrow down to search result gotten for each keyword and also obtain get a review of all of their tracked result.
5. Lastly, with SE Ranking, your data is secured. You are protected from the risk of leak of your data to the public.

Some other features include
• Backlink Monitoring
• Keyword Rank Checker
• Website Audit

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