Lyft and Uber

Should I choose Lyft over Uber? Or maybe both?


Lyft and Uber are two companies currently dominating the U.S riding market. The two are the fastest growing ride-sharing companies. As much as the two have a lot of things in common, there are also beneficial attributes that Lyft have over Uber that you need to be aware of as a passenger because the few differences between the two could have one or two impacts on passenger’s choice.

Key similarities of Lyft and Uber

Charges of both companies are almost the same thing. Off course you should not be surprised as any out of the two companies would fix a price that could jeopardize is business.

Both companies have a mobile app which you can easily download on your mobile devices, pay for their services via your credit card, and expect their ride to arrive anytime from five to ten minutes of payment.

Both companies allow chat between passenger and driver, passengers cuddling is allowed. However, drivers don’t care about having a chat with their passenger.

Beneficial differences between Lyft and Uber

On a differential part, Lyft charges are better. Although it is close to that of Uber but still better. Lyft pays its drivers well and enough compared to Uber. A good payment makes their drivers be friendly and polite. They also allow their drivers to allow tips from their passengers while Uber does not. Instead, Uber discourages their drivers from collecting tip from passengers.

These differences might mean nothing to you but as a driver, it means a lot to them and believe me the encouragement giving to drivers have a way of turning things around in such a way that it can affect passengers too.

Beneficial attributes of Lyft over Uber

Experienced drivers in the U.S tend to find their way to Lyft. This means Lyft can now make fast deliveries. Their experienced drivers are aware of the short routes linking up towns, and so with this idea, getting passengers to their destinations would fast and smooth.

Lyft is known to treat their employees well. All of their workers are after a safe and efficient service delivery for their riders. This does not exclude the drivers too. Lyft does motivate their drivers in all ways so that they can deliver very well and win them more riders through their selfless delivery.

Lyft drivers are more polite. And the main reason for this is because of the better wage. Paying your employees, a substantial amount would create a zeal in them. A zeal to work more and deliver more for their employers. This fair treatment of Lyft Company on their drivers have put them on the top run. Lyft drivers would go as far as opening the door for you because he knows tip would drop but as Uber driver even if you are willing to give, they are not allowed to accept.


As much as Lyft could look more beneficial, your choice of ride is still dependent on you. If Uber is the one that suits you the most, you can go for it. However, the two companies run the riding world in the US even though there are some other companies. To be honest I use both.

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