Bolt formerly Taxify

Taxify has been renamed. Now it’s Bolt.


Now known as Bolt, Taxify has very clearly made a name for itself in the transportation business. With well over half a million drivers on its system ferrying over 25 million customers in 30 nations of the globe, Taxify is surely a giant to reckon with. There are Taxify services on every single continent except Antarctica so it can be truly called an influential global brand.

Importance of Bolt (formerly Taxify)

From the introductory section above, it is obvious that Taxify is more than crucial in its contribution to the global economy. By creating jobs to millions of people who would have otherwise remain unemployed and penniless, Taxify is giving a new lease of life to so many people.

Creating jobs and sharing revenue is not the only important feature of Taxify. Contributing to charity and humanitarian efforts in different parts of the globe is another way by which Taxify is expanding both its influence and importance. This ride-hailing service platform is also beloved for giving a relatively larger share of the revenue to the drivers on its payroll.

As a result of the fact that Taxify is deploying all possible features of modern technology, it is assisting in pushing the barrier of discoveries particularly in the auto industry. Investing in the research and development of relevant technologies is another aspect of Taxify where its importance cannot be denied.

The Benefits of Bolt (formerly Taxify)

Now that the importance of Taxify has been highlighted, the next logical phase is to zoom in on the benefits of this outstanding transport company. It is quite interesting to know that Taxify has relatively more benefits that some of its peers in the same industry and these will be discussed in the sections below.

Safety of Customers: An auto accident on the road is a terrible mishap. It is even a bigger tragedy for any company that prides itself on transporting people from one point to the other. Therefore, Taxify has taken it upon itself to ensure that when it comes to customer safety, there is absolutely no ground for compromise.

In fact, for all those who want to be drivers on the Taxify system, they must pass through some of the most detailed criminal background assessments and driving trainings. There are strict age limits and the documentation for driving must be solidly intact and legitimate. There can also be no consumption of drugs, alcoholic or other intoxicating substances. All these are aimed at maximizing the records of safety for everyone in the Taxify niche.

Promotion of Alternative Energy: A benefit that has a futuristic approach to it is Taxify’s use of alternative energies as not all their vehicles are gas guzzlers. Today, in some selected countries, customers can enjoy the services of electric scooters. France is one of such nations. This is a fantastic way of cutting carbon emissions. In a world where one of the biggest problems confronting humanity is climate change and global warming, perhaps this can be considered the single greatest benefit of using Taxify.

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